What's Important to Me



Public officials must first and foremost be stewards of the the public trust. The political divide and hyper-partisanship in this country is a real threat to that commitment and to the strength and capacity of our communities. We must all move forward together to overcome challenges and find solutions to problems we face together. My promise is to:    

  • Represent the highest standards of integrity and ethics

  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to the public interest

  • Ensure accountability across Sedgwick County


The Clerk's Office should strive to provide accessible, transparent, and timely minutes from the meetings of the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), as well as increase accessibility of future meetings and further encourage participation in local government. My promise is to:

  • Be present at all Board of County Commissioners' meetings

  • Create a direct link between residents and government 

  • Increase accessibility of critical information and decisions


Hyper-partisanship has no place in being of service to others. We must reach across party lines to represent all constituents, despite party affiliation. This is a reflection of true leadership. The Clerk, being the official Secretary of the BOCC, must not only serve each commissioner, but they must also provide a direct line of service to the people. My promise is to:


  • Find common ground through bipartisan compromise

  • Diversify systems of control, authority, and influence

  • Empower people to lead, grow, and continually improve 


What I'd Change

County Commission

  • Increase the involvement of the Clerk's Office in orienting newly elected commissioners and other elected officials

  • Continually advise on Kansas laws and statues, open meeting laws, and meeting procedures/ rules of order

  • Increase awareness about the Kansas Open Records Act

  • Make sure all relevant meeting documents, memos, and presentations are available and accessible to the public before a meeting starts

  • Work with the County's Public Information Officer and Communications team to inform the public about upcoming meetings and items on the agenda 

  • Increase timelines of approval of County meeting minutes, so the public does not have wait 30 days or more to access them, as is the current trend

  • Advocate for closed-captioning on live meetings and offering interpreters for all BOCC meetings by request

Land Records/ Property Ownership and Tax Administration

  • Focus on process improvement and convenience of public access to land and property records, board resolutions, and other records of the County

  • Increase communications about the process for property tax appeals and services of the Clerk related to Homestead property tax refunds 

  • Create opportunities and programs that help support first-time homebuyers in becoming property owners and creating a pathway to wealth

Licensing and Permits

  • Increase awareness and transparency of the various types of business licenses and their respective application and approval processes handled by the Clerk

  • Conduct program assessments and improve overall service-level satisfaction and ease of obtaining hunting, fishing and various other types of permits approved by the Clerk

Applied Learning Opportunities 

  • Strengthen existing partnerships with Wichita State University and other colleges and universities, and increase internships and applied learning opportunities for students

  • Provide mentoring to students who will gain experience working in the Clerk's office and a better understanding of what it means to be a public servant. 


  • Collect feedback from residents and governing body members to learn how we can improve the services of the Clerk's Office. Below is an introductory video made for governing body members all across Sedgwick County: